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$5.95 by mikemehs
Shapeways Image Popper
$49.60 by websper
$21.12 by studioj3
Lovebirds - A wedding corsage for our upcoming wedding, but also to share with you guys. This design shows two romantic lovebirds, cuddling the day...
$9.67 by NerdiusMaximus
This chicken figurine miniature is about the size of a monopoly piece. Derived from a laser scan, it's a fun way to customize your monopoly board, ...
$6.47 by cajh
$15.64 by thewraithoftheopera
made with 2d to 3d app
$38.48 by gameofteper
This is the third bad pig of the Angry Birds series....................;-)
Not For Sale by tsilvabarbosa2011
$749.40 by LunaTic
Flutter a 3 dimensional concept brought to life on print.
$18.95 by thewraithoftheopera
cute egg bird