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$6.99 by OtsegoDoom
A pendant featuring the bee from the TV hit, Breaking Bad. This bee symbol was featured prominently on the chemical barrels in the background of t...
$22.25 by thehiddenice
Other sizes available.
$18.00 by thehiddenice
Other sizes available.
$5.52 by HappenstanceHeroes
Do you like bees? Especially cute, little bumblebees? So do we! That's why we hope you enjoy our Bee Pendant design. Just add an inexpensive j...
$25.98 by WillLaPuerta
Based on the locket from The Illusionist, this turns into a heart if you twist the bottom half all the way around and allows you to swing the top o...
$11.98 by iconxware
Stylish bee charm pendant great for a necklace, key-chain or bracelet!Necklace chain and jump ring not included.This charm pendant will be made at ...
$30.68 by MostlyMatthew
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/gruKuEHznX0
Not For Sale by SardiPax