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Not For Sale by DeLaVega
4 point contact Ball Bearing with cage to keep the balls together and gaps for easier material removal. Space between the balls and the cage is 0,6...
$10.00 by jlincoln7850
This is a less detailed conversion bolster that can be printed using the Black Strong and Flexible material. These are used to drop into Atlas O ro...
$5.43 by dustynrobots
Shaft adapter for Not Lazy Susan project 10-1 in my book - see www.makingthingsmove.com for details!
$34.47 by RaelMClarke
FLY HIGH Ball Tilt Maze for iPhone4 and iPhone4s. Designed to work with ball bearing up to 4mm in diameter, but 3.5 works best with FLY HIGH Ball ...
Not For Sale by IanSutton
Version 02f.
$8.36 by AlanClogwyn
Axleboxes as used on the majority of Cambrian railways goods stock. Suitable for use with MJT cast springs. Suggest use of waisted bearings, howeve...
$3.85 by gerardgarcia
Test bearing with an engraved text, in this case the famous "blade or die" tattoo.
$2.26 by TonyRR
Add on for the “Bea Ring Customizable” ring If you have bought the “Bea Ring” design, you have the opportunity to customize and personal...