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$2.14 by lorddarthvik
Canopy for ViperMK2 model, should be transparent, I hope it will work out fine... oh, and its 1/72 scale. at least its supposed to be :)
$15.62 by aptivaboy
Top dome and aft engine burner assemblies for the BSG Argus frigate. You only need one per ship. Consider painting the dome on the sprue so you ca...
$14.21 by rupi100
$48.29 by aptivaboy
This and the port part should just slot together. However, the little holes in the port side part sometimes need to be slightly opened with the tip...
$48.48 by aptivaboy
Part head part for the BSG frigate Argus. The little locator holes may need to be slightly enlarged or drilled out. This is a by product of the pri...
$7.74 by aptivaboy
Gun package for the BSG frigate Argus. These are not necessary to complete the model, sine you can use whatever guns you want to use, if any. Howev...
$6.77 by aptivaboy
Nos probe for the BSG Frigate Argus
$10.29 by aptivaboy
Top piece for the old Fantastic Plastic Colonial Defender. - Totally non-canon. - You'll need to shave or scrape off the detail on the Fantastic Pl...
$11.38 by Fireball_Modelworks
Replacement Laser Cannons for the 1/32 scale Monogram/Revell and Moebius Colonial Viper Mk1 model kits. The two parts are identical except for a sm...
$86.33 by aptivaboy
Midships parts for the BSG (Argus) frigate.