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Battle cruiser design based on a series of torus's. For a pair linked together (slightly cheaper option) see the Torus Battle Cruiser Twin
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A third generation DrakonHawk Battlecruiser, capable of splitting to counter the ability of the humans flagship battle cruiser. For the first and ...
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The main ship from the game "Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator"!
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48FN[08+11] Dunkerques & JoffresScale: 1/4800*This item combines the contents of the following:48FN11 FN.BC.Dunkerque(1940)+Strasbourg(1942)48FN08 ...
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The powerhouse of the Rhunnish Armada, the flying battlecruiser LLK (abbreviation of the Rhunnish translation). This weapon brought the airship fr...
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48FN10 FN.BC.Dunkerque(1940)+Strasbourg(1942)Scale: 1/4800Per ship dimension (L x W): 4.48cm x 6.48cmOnline References:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...