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$19.99 by pramitr
$20.48 by artisteroi
Batarang MK-V
$31.76 by walkern
Batarang Bottle Opener
$29.00 by WoodBuzz
Arkham City Batarang
$12.73 by ForceRelics
Get your own set of batarangs from the new Batman-movie; The Dark Knight Rises! This 1:1 scaled model can be printed in plastic or, even better, in...
$67.61 by cebt
The standard birdarang from Young Justice (not the bomb version with the LED's)
$12.26 by FreakingRiddle
The most famous weapon of the superhero Batman is here!!!Theeee...BATARANG!!!
$26.00 by SteveMarshall
Batarang/ bottle opener This product is not a toy!
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$9.93 by Wearhouse