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$27.17 by LouisRHunt
My first ring, basic design. Not sure if I should attempt to make anymore. If this one isn't bad, I would like some tips.
$7.55 by carury
Part of the Separable series. Links to the rest: http://shpws.me/ptfd Flipped inSeparable, http://shpws.me/ptfn inSeparable, http://shpws.me/ptf5 u...
$15.65 by skiingpenguins
$3.44 by avbad12
$15.00 by SteamPowered
Beautiful simplicity describes this necklace. All that's needed is a strand of hemp or twine and you're done.
$25.00 by ShatteredMold
Here's a neat minimalist fish pendant. Has a loop big enough to accommodate most chains, which will have to be purchased separately. Looks fetching...
$22.15 by whitenoise_customs
GoPro Hero2 skeleton design is meant to work with the GoPro Hero2. It is not intended for the other GoPro models. All connection ports, SD card, bu...
$15.08 by whitenoise_customs
This is a skeleton frame for the GoPro Hero3. It designed to provide full access to the camera's ports and buttons while still allowing the GoPro ...
$18.00 by pinkgingerbread
Don't let your busy social lifestyle in your palm keep you away from the most important thing of the day! Hold your coffee and social life at the ...
$20.49 by Kidmechano
Looking for a more sleek look from your ModiBot Mo figure? Here's a model option with no connector ports! This model still accepts accessories like...