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$64.25 by SaGaDesign
$45.00 by summerized
Modern baroque baubles adorns your lobes. Dramatic yet delicate, Faceted Briolette Earrings exude casual elegance. They're 3d printed, making them ...
$24.25 by JDEZ
18.2MM DIAMETER,SIZE 8 ONLY, unisex, art nouveau inspired design looks best in silver or bronze, Intending to create a classic timeless sculptural...
$56.52 by sashameret
$130.00 by summerized
Baroque baubles tumble down your frock. Dramatic yet delicate, the Faceted Ovals Necklace exudes casual elegance. It's the perfect long, bold state...
$8.69 by darukin
Elegant Celtic Knots ornament design for pendant /amulet
$4.23 by darukin
Elegant Celtic design amulet/pendant
$32.26 by darukin
Elegant detailed Celtic knot-work design of a proud bird-shaped medallion / pendant
$7.41 by darukin
A pendant / amulet with baroque floral detail design, with a flying / rising elegant phoenix embossed on the centerpiece
$4.77 by darukin
An epic winged amulet / medallion detailed with baroque ornamental designs