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$3.66 by Universal_Products
A unique creation, this is a small fast-food type cup enclosed with a lid for use with 12-inch dolls or action figures. Can considered to represen...
$3.66 by Universal_Products
Tablet computer scaled for 12-inch dolls and action figures. Most similar to iPads and other types of mobile tablet-style computing devices.
$3.53 by Universal_Products
A small unique toothbrush for use in doll houses and scaled to fit with 12-inch dolls or other action figures.
$3.73 by Universal_Products
Small original creation coffee mug for use with 12-inch size dolls or action figures.
$13.49 by draikjack
im sorry ok i just wanted a schlond poofa pendant so go buy one as well probably in stainless steel would be best ok you'll need to buy the cord an...
$3.63 by crusader1xxx
Exact representation of the common standard British/Commonwealth Brown Drinking Cup. This item was scaled using dimensions from the real 1:1 cup. ...
$10.63 by svgjen
A vent for 1:6 scale dioramas.
$39.84 by speedcore
A rough 1/6th scale Sybian. Perfect for your Barbie's mansion.
$15.59 by crusader1xxx
To complement our scuba tank set is this Tank Valve Set. Reproduced from the real thing, you get two of each tank valve. One set is just the tank ...
$17.38 by crusader1xxx
Faithfully reproduced from the real item, these 1/6 scale Scuba Diving Regulators and Tank Valves are the perfect match for the 1/6 scale collector...