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$5.32 by max.rink-1
Shapeways Image Popper
$10.00 by chemdr99
Show off your chemistry pride the next time you are required to wear a non-lab safety-approved shirt front-closure covering device (a.k.a. a tie). ...
$29.58 by flyout7
A original house made in Minecraft. It features a half- glass roof and hollowed out bottom in beautiful colored sandstone.
$14.33 by WillLaPuerta
Six Sided die with the numbers represented by the first six elements on the periodic table, Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, and Carbon...
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$57.00 by MODbot
Please note this is ring size 10. Please contact me at skosor@hotmail.com if you are interested in another size.
$56.69 by Craigmorgan3
This mount was designed to hold the MSD Atomic EFI handheld controller, and provides a permanent home for the device. This can be mounted within y...
$36.12 by JesseTCataldo
Down your alcoholic warheads in style with the NEW Bomb Shot! Volume is 128 mL (slightly larger than a double shot) Can also be used as an espres...
$30.56 by miraglia
Nuclear pulse propulsion spaceship Orion (scale 1:400) The Orion concept offered high thrust and high specific impulse, or propellant efficiency, ...
$62.61 by cbertucio
The elements of Bromine and Barium on The Periodic Table of Elements, side by side like they should be, in the form of a fashionable pendant / neck...