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$58.07 by Bathsheba
This model of Kleopatra, a nickel-iron asteroid 217 km long, was reconstructed from observations by the radio telescope at Arecibo. It is not an a...
$99.45 by Bathsheba
This model of 4179 Toutatis, an asteroid 4.6 km long, was constructed from observations by the radio telescope at Arecibo, by Dr. Steven Ostro. Mo...
$79.85 by sfab
$36.00 by designerica
A single large starburst to wear on your finger. A little bit modern, a little bit retro- this ring is very popular at my brick and mortar store. ...
$8.37 by Charmed_Life_Designs
A simple yet elegant pendant. Prints fully assembled!Necklace cord not included.
$108.26 by Nathan2012
This model is based on the radio telescopes that make up the Very Large Array in New Mexico, USA. In total, 27 of these radio telescopes make up th...
$3.74 by loose_cannon
Perfect for necklaces. Smaller size (1") also available!
$3.10 by loose_cannon
This is a roughly 1" version of the Mercury planetary symbol pendant I designed. A larger, 1.4" version is available as well!
$2.26 by loose_cannon
Comes in at a little over 3/4" and is suitable for either a necklace or a bracelet.
$10.51 by loose_cannon
Slightly over 0.5" long. This is designed for attachment to bracelets and earrings, but obviously can be attached to just about anything you can im...