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$15.00 by Twopounder
28mm heavy machine gun with normal box magazines. This is great for showing weapon compatibility or scenes with low ammo/desperate situations. Pack...
$2.92 by MiniMunitions
Modern Automatic weapon to arm your soldiers with!
$2.91 by MiniMunitions
A variant of the CAR-15 Rifle with an extended magazine capacity
$2.46 by MiniMunitions
A variant of the M36 rifle with an extended and curved magazine
$8.17 by javelin98
These weapons are intended for use with 15mm to 20mm scale "Gothic" sci-fi miniatures. The comparison photos show an example of how they would com...
$8.95 by GrimDarkBits
Not For Sale by Twopounder
This is an upgrade kit that includes 10 X-1 Compact Assault Rifles with: 4x standard magazines, 4x high capacity magazines, 2x box magazines, 10x H...
$13.43 by tcwjoe
Say hello to this little feller. This is our Electron Assault Rifle. This guy packs a real punch and comes with additional power cells right on t...
$10.98 by Wits
1:1800 1:2400 1:3000
Not For Sale by Axebaneblade
Designed for use in the Wargame 2080 miniature game. This squad contains 6 figures.