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$29.00 by robo3687
In celebration of the release of Assassin's Creed: Revelations on PS3 and Xbox 360, here is a pendant in the form of the logo of the Assassin's Bro...
$86.50 by roko25
please leave comments. any model you are looking for let me know I'll be happy to help you. : D
$5.00 by blighthound
Here are individual buttons with the Assassins Creed symbol on them. Perfect for any assassin or crew to use. These babies have the ability to thr...
$6.04 by KRSprops
great for the stealthy business man, 8 buttons made to standard shirt button size
$23.16 by arliro
nothing is true....everything is permitted, 2 sides of an assassin's life philosophy for custom sizes contact me
$2.91 by Fyl23
Shapeways Image Popper
$3.49 by loop2011
assassins creed necklace design.
$15.51 by Wearhouse
$95.48 by dyth
Assembly instructions above. Made from reference pictures from the game. Blade is gravity dual action, making it light and retractable. Both tiers ...
$5.01 by JasonTehAsian
A simple yet cool design to the infamous Assassin's Creed emblem.