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$49.99 by dextersworld
Made with mineways of my japanese castle based on the matsue castle in japan also known as the black castle. You can find a youtube video of it ing...
$12.00 by lensman
Chopstick Holder
$8.71 by lensman
Pendant based on Asian Mystic Knot design.
$7.28 by lensman
A slightly thinner version of my Mystic Knot Pendant for use as an earring (you would have to supply ear hoop or stud)
$63.16 by bentsang
A set of chopsticks and clip for beginner users as well as advanced users. Clip also serves as a stand.
$9.32 by Ansarum
A pair of Chopsticks made for a dinner at home! sleek elegant design and easy to hold
$26.99 by niquegeek
A unique I Ching coin style pendant. The pendant measures about 1" tall. It is 3D printed layer by layer and then fired to fuse the metal particle...
$26.26 by TomBusscher
My second try on my yingyang soy-sauce bowl and I fell in love with it!!While designing, it was important for me to focus on the meaning of asian n...
$35.00 by DesignbyDalton
These earrings are a depiction of a dragon eating his tail inspired by the term "my End is my Beginning". A dragon consuming himself is also common...
$10.73 by neehaa