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$22.78 by KevinR
This is a miniature ashtray in the shape of a kettlebell. The smoke rises up through and exits from the handle.
$14.38 by industrialpunk
Industrial Punk's Space Rocket Cigarette Stubber is an out-of-this-world product to give you peace of mind that your cigarette has been extinguishe...
$69.99 by industrialpunk
Industrial Punk's V2 Rocket Cigarette Stubber helps to extinguish your cigarettes quickly and safely. Just place the V2 Rocket Cigarette Stubber in...
$12.49 by industrialpunk
Industrial Punk's Splashing Fish Cigarette Stubber. Pushing a cigarette into the fish's mouth extinguishes it quickly and safely. Just place the Sp...
$3.65 by DustinTC
$557.86 by Piggy
Ashtray of a human jawbone, with teeth missing where the cigarettes rest. Also, it''s life-size! -Piggy IMPORTANT NOTE: The images were taken bef...
$48.58 by robertnagy
$77.79 by Teo81
$37.79 by masterhead
A nice solution and a great innovation for who loves smokes but don't like burns his fingers, and don't want lose any time to put out the cigarette...
$63.07 by ValerianoGarciaGonzalez