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Not For Sale by ConceptVisual
This is a project I did a while back for a client- he was commissioned by an "anonymous" coffee company to design a coffee shop for them- I did som...
$5.99 by Seanald
Made with pyTopMod.
$92.61 by Henri
Fruit bowl, decorative
$6.41 by Datto
1/43 O scale Light post for concrete railing set. Light globe available separately
$15.10 by archenemy76
The Triangulated Ring is similar to my Triangulated Cuff-- designed with a series of points that touch the skin enough to form a ring shape, while ...
$20.72 by nataliak
One in a series of pendants inspired by my favorite artists. This one is based on Rodin's sculpture called 'Cathedral'. If you buy this pendant, em...
$305.94 by aeron203
A few city blocks, modeled in Wings3D. Not currently available in color. Learn more at this forum post:
$38.37 by nataliak
One in a series inspired by my favorite artists. This lightweigth pendant is inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian. The pendant comes with a 24" st...
$23.38 by archenemy76
[Please note: This is a thicker version of the design which allows you to order the polished colors (Coral Red, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, and Violet Pu...
$25.53 by archenemy76
 I've always loved faceted structures, especially irregular ones that are becoming more and more common in architecture thanks to new technolo...