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$9.10 by Kidmechano
Want your warrior to look like the baddest thing on the block. Deck him out from head to toe in Braveheart's finest accessories for berserkers and ...
$11.98 by TreadshotA1
#Sprue B only! You will need Sprue A (separate model) and Sprue B to build Honeycomb!# #Pictures are of Sprue A and Sprue B assembled onto a High G...
$2.79 by tedparsec
prototype for a board game. work in progress:)
$36.02 by RotVar!
$28.75 by TurtlesAreCool
This is a larger version of the elven archer / beastmaster. It is about 2.5 inches tall and is to scale with the larger version of my dwarf fighter.
Not For Sale by naxem42
A working bow that only needs some static string with two knots in it. Can launch pencils, pens, the ink inserts from pens, and other similarly sha...
Not For Sale by darthasterisk
A bow inspired by the bow designs from Guild Wars and Neverwinter Nights.
$13.64 by Tarum
This is Ildamos , my Dark Elf archer.He is a companion of Furios, and they will win thousand battle togheter! this model is perfect for your f...
$11.64 by Franziskaa
This is Aline, the Archer. She can perform a double shot in one turn that can kill two distant enemies
$12.40 by Tarum
This is Thera, the Ranger. She is perfect for your favourite RPG or Wargame :-) ! This model is part of the game RotVar! You can see (and buy) i...