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$19.95 by chronopsis2
Roman inscription, P. Cornelius, Synistor (Left-handed).
$29.95 by chronopsis2
Full color relief, figures carrying a boar. 3D scan from original object.
$9.92 by LordTrilobite
A viking helmet keychain based on the actual Gjermundbu helmet from Norway.
$7.07 by garynobles
$20.16 by vanca
Greek Vase - Krater - Column
$14.70 by vanca
Greek Vase - Krater - Calyx
$18.98 by vanca
Greek Vase - Krater - Bell
$24.95 by chronopsis2
Winged Roman Figure Fragment
$29.95 by chronopsis2
Full-color Roman memorial relief with two figures embracing. Model made from 3D scan of marble carving. Hanging Hook built in.