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$5.67 by srd1of7
From nursery rhymes, to horror, this little artisan had captured the imagination of of many in it's web. I've taken this fine little specimen and t...
$25.00 by lensman
A spider trapped in amber is the sort of look I was aiming to achieve with this piece and, thanks to the way Frosted Ultra Detail is used, and 3D p...
$6.49 by lensman
A pendant for the entomolgists among us - or someone who just loves creepy things! At 5cms in length this spider, not based on any real-life specim...
$24.99 by kspaho
$75.47 by chosetec
This fully articulated and anatomically correct wolf spider model can be posed in a variety of positions. Now you can have a specimen collection wi...
$3.18 by TadPatterson
Mark your webbed up game spaces with a web shaped token. Fits within a 1" square and it's flat on the top so miniatures can stand on it.
$79.58 by trojanGoat
Tarantula in agressive pose.