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$45.09 by dkero
$43.77 by dkero
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$34.61 by mauriciodgsantos
This device prevents the ants reach objects that are under its protection.
$11.41 by kweenix
The Nazca spider drawing converted to a pendant. The original nazca spider drawing measures about 46x28 meters! Note that the hole is 3mm, so be ...
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Boris the ant...in a tie
Not For Sale by garhol
A hollow version of Boris the Ant
$4.81 by StephenMoore
Build your own! These little ants will interlock with others like it to make a chain at any size you want! Each ant covers a link about 2cm. Print ...
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Bull Ant made in 3d Tin.CAUTION: UNTESTED DESIGN! Print this at your own peril!
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