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Not For Sale by Thibault
$73.60 by schreerdesign
Show your good side with this heart pendant, borne by angel wings and crowned with a halo. There are chain loops at back of the wing tips. See our ...
$22.89 by Zculpt
Cute Angel Sculpture
$21.41 by caganseval
3d Superman Iphone Stl for iphone 4
$25.00 by figurebang
Show everyone your heart is a little good AND a little bad!
$17.43 by GarySG
A winged jewel, to add a bit of light to your darkest days.
$9.12 by Anca10
Angel pendant ready to be added to necklace.Can also be used as Christmas tree decoration.
$17.94 by Anigroove
Angel Pendant, very space-full shaped pendant with a cherubim inside.
$61.54 by ErrobaArt
Angel or not, an elegant wing shaped pendant.
Not For Sale by WillLaPuerta
A recreation of M. C. Escher's Angels and Devils deformed into a sphere.