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$24.68 by null-object
an evil aumulet with 3 evil face: horned skull, evil clown and insectoid
$50.00 by lensman
There was a problem printing these because they were too small, but I have resized and they should print in the selected materials now. Earrings b...
$51.78 by lensman
A design based on the Hamsa Hand found in Eastern and African history. The image is a universal sign of protection. I also have a pair of earrings ...
Not For Sale by Schaeffer
My personal pendant variation of the Alchemy symbol for Iron. Iron represents Mars, physical strength and male energy.
$9.08 by xxstyxx
Cthulhu Amulet of a Cultist
$31.58 by xxstyxx
Cthulhu Amulet worn by a Tribe Leader
$25.56 by opresco
Here's a replica of my 2003 Hip Replacement. I'm 72 now, and it is still walking strongly! Doubles as an amulet. Related designs:Bionic Dad's Amu...
$13.82 by decocq2010
This 16-point star is the basic model for an amulet in a story I wrote a couple years ago.
$3.85 by loose_cannon
Sailor Venus' heart-shaped planet symbol, now in a pendant!! Also available in a slightly large 1.25" size.
$3.16 by loose_cannon
Sailor Venus' heart-shaped planet symbol, engraved on a cute circular pendant!