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$26.08 by etikan
The hollow model, the wall thickness is 1 mm.
$34.58 by HenryAlfredo
Love (Hubb) spelled out in kufic arabic. The cutout heart allows attachment of a necklace or jumper ring. Designed as a pendant but could also be w...
$80.00 by joie
A ring for the lovers. Please notice that, since it's a ring, you MUST personalize it, you MUST choose your ring size. Don't forget it.
$24.43 by Yedak
This pendent is made with Spanish Love, from the letters of the world A-M-O-R. It is 2 cm high, not counting the ring used to grab it.
$19.18 by HenryAlfredo
This solid pendant is designed with Love. They say the soul of the soul of the universe is love :) It reads from right to left Al-Hubb. The meanin...
$82.89 by Yaell7
Original Design by Jose Luis Ascencio, the heart represents Love and the dove peace. Available in a variety of materials. for other services pleas...
$41.18 by D-Sign
The entanglements of love and passion distilled into the shape of a pendant. Available in solid Premium Silver, solid Polished Silver (Less shi...
$56.64 by Draakoraith
A message vase that says "Amo-te Tanto" on it, which is "I Love you so much" in Portuguese
$5.00 by JeremyMallin
Heart logo pendant. This fun, patterned, shape is a perfect charm pendant or keychain in a variety of brightly colored plastics or Sterling Silver.