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$35.60 by kimds
Dimensionally correct .45 Auto cartridge pendant with necklace loop. Can also create models for other types of cartridges. Custom headstamp mark...
$2.69 by DesertIslandDesigns
Cool Speedloaders in pouches for your 6inch 1:12th Action figures and model kits - go on! treat those soldiers to some state of the art for their b...
Not For Sale by abcreator
3/1 scale model of a 7.62MM Round.
$8.52 by DesertIslandDesigns
US WW II Ammo Box for 6inch Action Figures and1:12th modellers.
$55.54 by MoNercy
$15.38 by MoNercy
A 9mm hollow point ring. Classy for a night in town!
$4.97 by MoNercy
A classy ring for a night in the town.
$46.75 by mihunai
|| METROTECH MACHINERY || Contain your batteries in style, with this awesome new battery clip! A techy looking AA-battery holder. Holds up to 6 AA...
$16.50 by StephenClementDesigns
Nerf Tactical Rail attachment that lets you store six darts. Great for storing extra ammo for a front-loader style blaster.