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Minecraft custom map.
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This alpha helix is a portion of the BAR domain of the protein Amphiphysin.
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For the Alpha Animal. Or the Math Obsessed. Designed 17th May 2013.
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Guardian of the North lands. ________________________________________________________________________________ Eyes pass through to internal cavity-...
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Reproduction of an ancient Egyptian die from the Ptolemaic period (first or second century) 20 faces feature Greek characters al...
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Element Radiation pendant symbolizes all the main types of Radiation: Corpuscular Radiation (Alpha, Beta-Radiation) Photon quanta Radiation (X-ra...
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Another letter from the Greek alphabet. This time it is the letter Nu. This letter is used in math and physics. I created this letter, because I am...
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Mu, is the Greek letter, that is used in math. It is mostly used in math to represent the coefficient of friction. The Mu symbol is really nice, an...
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Soviet Cold War nuclear submarine, Alpha class. In 1/2500 scale for compatibility with Axis & Allies board game. Contains five identical models. Ea...