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$29.16 by Steve3d
The Reptilians (extra terrestrial aliens), terrifying nemesis of the greys - this is their vehilcle of choice. this unusual design could be used a...
$100.01 by paulelderdesign
IMPORTANT the model is smaller than the rendered images above. I was asked to make them larger for display purposes. Please read the measurements i...
$71.39 by joe1029
Pictured in polished grey steel
$14.39 by andrei_socivoi
Open source pendants ??? :)) Alien pendant 2.1 inch long
$51.96 by Moosh89
A Facehugger from ALIENS! Now's your chance to have an Alien wrapped around your finger! Very comfortable ring, has a nice weight to it, wide band....
$5.28 by admiralducksauce
Frogan warrior in 28mm scale