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$13.70 by Erkrieal
Mutant non-human DNA having a triplet structure. Can be used as a pendant, a keychain or just a decorative feature. Circular version of the model i...
$10.63 by Erkrieal
A circular version of Triple-stranded DNA model. Small and light, ideal as a pendant, Keychain or a simple decoration to put on a table or shelf.
$25.26 by RobTorres
$21.00 by berky93
A small mobius strip charm that can be used as a pendant or as a keychain.A mobius strip is a very unique shape because it defies conventional logi...
$30.50 by wimpie999
$135.79 by wuct88
$24.91 by intual
Golden DNA pendant. Perfect genetics sign.
$38.00 by emcbryan
DNA Helix Ring Size:7 Custom size available on request
$14.65 by Zorink
made in topmod
$14.38 by andykalin