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$7.28 by purligar
Adapter ring for helix lamp and E27 bulb socket. This part can be downloaded and modified if necessary.
$10.74 by jvgemert
Missing link between new Lego tracks for trains and old Lego tracks for trains.
Not For Sale by coiser1369
Not For Sale by coiser1369
Adapter for 4" vent duct (dryer, exhaust fan, etc) to slightly larger ID exterior vent plate. Works great and just what I needed without using hom...
$104.67 by willmwade
Adapter for the Perten Instruments Shakematic 1095 Shaker to use D1002 50 ml Plastic Centrifuge Tubes. The 50 ml tubes stap into the adapter then t...
$36.66 by UnNecessities
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/a79dxbycJQs
$4.30 by IASorensen
Universal missile adapter designed for 25th Anniversary and later GI Joe vehicles with hexagonal holes. This adapter allows vehicles with hexagona...
$23.78 by takjackson
This is a 2" pipe adapter mount for a GoPro. Adapter sits on the pipe and is zip tied into place.
$10.80 by rpeschetz
Adapter to place a GoPro camera on a LEGO Technic structure by means two long connector pins, e.g. to add a camera mast on a MINDSTORMS rover or re...