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$8.77 by arial
- Ring size is 7- Height is 8 mm- Background is 1.5 mm - Thickness is 1.5 mm- Image is zeb.jpg- Horizontal image tiling is 4- Vertical image tiling...
$84.75 by Anigroove
- Ring size is 9- Height is 8 mm- No background- Thickness is 1.5 mm- Image is P5.jpg- Horizontal image tiling is 2- Vertical image tiling is 1- Gr...
$37.27 by Moord
Robust set of cufflinks with engraved zebra patern. 16x16mm front.
$17.42 by Sparkling
This zebra appears in both Visions and Chariots. Order it in full color sandstone to get it painted just like it is in the game! Other media you wi...
$85.00 by Likesyrup
$25.41 by Dotsan
The Wired Life Head Collection is an ongoing experiment to create designs which push the boundaries and get the most out of 3D printing. The trophy...
Not For Sale by ProteanForms
Zebra pattern case to fit iPhone 5C, but may fit other iPhone 5s.