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$11.00 by Manjiri_McCoy
stylized combination of the Devanagari and Latin Y characters. Suitable for any name beginning with Y.
$10.80 by matan1
ABC english latters - Y
$14.65 by Zorink
made in topmod
$49.90 by Magic
The edges of the Icosidodecahedron (intersection of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron) form 6 decagons. The 6 rounded stars of the IcosidodecaLink ...
$17.00 by Raedia
This chunky bracelet is 20 cm long so it should fit loosely around the average wrist. The built in toggle clasp makes it immediately wearable after...
$32.11 by froland
Interlinked stars on a sphere clad in a Voroni hull.Visually the complexity is puzzling. See here for a larger version supporting more materials.Th...
$8.49 by mrgm
link sword with crest
$66.59 by MarkDurbin
Pencil/Candle holder
$10.00 by MarkDurbin
Twisted Link Ring
$14.27 by Pac0Arq