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$39.56 by unellenu
Custom Cufflinks. This style of cufflinks is for 3 or 4 letters,Have them made with initials, words or acronyms like OMG, LOL, ZOMG, ROFL, L337 etc...
$75.00 by LucasPlus
Give your special someone Hugs & Kisses this year with this adjustable Xoxo Ring. It's sure to be a sweet something for Valentine's Day, an Ann...
Not For Sale by GoldSwordDesigns
XOXO Ring, or is it XOXOXOXOXO...? Either way, send me a request to make it in your size.
$62.89 by Azotea
"Very cute" as described by my mother; this vase sports a "XOXO" spiraling design.
$34.89 by GoldSwordDesigns
A necklace of my own creation, perfect for Valentine's Day, or as a sweet way to tell your sweetheart that you love them. It is 1.75 inches in leng...