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$72.90 by Wing
It's my nick carved into a cube.
$47.81 by lenkaltman
$10.96 by Alexun
$46.22 by BFDesigns
Flight Wings with a sprocket! You'll need to purchase a few small neodymium (rare earth) magnets to stick this to your clothing, or contact me and...
$46.26 by TurtlesAreCool
Simple and elegant, the Winged Tear was created for my sister, who loves purple things. The ring is designed to socket a 5x3 mm teardrop gem; an am...
$16.05 by waltmere
$17.43 by GarySG
A winged jewel, to add a bit of light to your darkest days.
$3.88 by 319media
Is it a winged skull, or a demon fairy?
$45.00 by unellenu
"Wing' pendant, is both structured and organic in its aesthetic.Let your imagination fly away to another realm!The pendant is 5cm in height in...
$9.12 by walid03
A necklace pendant inspired by Love, Angels and Orchids