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$4.30 by RvdV
$65.96 by ErrobaArt
Ropes form circles and hollow X structures and a delicate curve and a twist forms it into an elegant hollow necklace.
$16.36 by Kenny_Van
This cuff has been inspired by architectural artwork that fascinated me as I did research on the different ways I could create these gorgeous patte...
$40.00 by designerica
Swirling layers twist and interlock to form this intricate and unique bracelet. Inspired by architectural details, this delicate design is constru...
$3.88 by frknsweetknots
Size 14 braided ring.
$160.00 by vertigopolka
Here's a small purse design with a very flexible, interwoven mesh pattern.Octahedron link strap is not included. Two sizes of carrying straps are ...
$16.00 by stop4stuff
Three Phase Bracelet.Inspired by the wave form representation of three phase electricity realised as a woven form of a wye or star connection in a ...
$62.50 by RvdV
This ring was designed to appear to shrink when you turn it around your finger and grow if you turn it the other way. The effect is best visible wh...
$40.00 by frknsweetknots
This is one continuous strand woven around into a ball. It makes a great pendant or key fob!
$3.04 by RvdV
This Double Braid Ring is like the optical Illusion ring, but with sharp corners. Find the Optical Illusion Ring Here: https://www.shapeways.com/m...