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$91.03 by Kenny_Van
Infinite Worlds - A pendant made out of an infinite loop which encompasses two miniature planet earths. Available in beautiful silver, all the Sta...
$7.01 by Catsruler1
Minecraft custom map.
$3.66 by Zephyris
Small globe pendant.
Not For Sale by clem
The Earth-Globe - with Bathymetric and Landsurface
$11.93 by WelshDesigns
Solid Marble like model. Full Color. Very accurate. 1.0 inch in diameter. View my store for a larger hollow version. This model has been a grea...
$46.35 by WelshDesigns
This is a hollow version. Very accurate representation. It is 3.0 inches in diameter. There is a very small hole at the bottom. Can be easily f...
$32.80 by GeoBling
Pendant shaped like Scotland including terrain data. Sized approximately 3.5cm by 2.0cm with a hook on the back to attach to necklaces. Select stai...
$35.20 by alexartig
Show your sight of life with this Pendant - »The World Is Yours« come and get it, no matter what!
$40.14 by rupi100
$8.43 by siuper