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$12.72 by Zcribblez
$17.69 by 43979d05c4
1/285 Scale Grocery Store
$34.62 by Bsa3d
$31.07 by joshvalman
$19.25 by stonysmith
$21.61 by HenriqueTK
Christmas Ornament Ball
$3.56 by marie1angel1
$13.36 by 43979d05c4
1/285 Scale Mom & Pop Shops. One two story building with built in billboard on top and the other a three story building with a vertical billbo...
Not For Sale by CharGyse
Designed for the Shapeways 3D Print Flex-Contest, this item comes in two parts - a bangle "case" and a jewellery display. They are printed together...
$17.60 by IceRaptor
Simple 1-story 1/144 storefront