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$65.80 by fx2
This candle holder is based on the Snowflake Candle Holder design, but modified to be used with bigger candles. You can choose a diameter between 1...
$8.57 by artificial
A snowflake with a heart in the middle. It's meant as decoration for Christmas and winter, but you can use it as you want :)The heart shaped hole g...
$11.68 by WillLaPuerta
Little snowflake to make an earring from. Only includes one, so order the paired set if you want to keep your ears balanced: http://www.shapeways.c...
$16.85 by WillLaPuerta
Little snowflake to make an earring from. A paired set, since that's cheaper than buying the single one twice. Or you could order the single piece ...
$35.65 by ChrisArtscapes
A miniature snowman.
$6.00 by OBjuan
3D Snow Flake. This is the 5 point design, with a parallel loopet on one point for hanging it. You can wear it as a necklace, if you dont mind get...
Not For Sale by Kaetemi
Exclusive Figure for Tsunacon 2011Not for sale Based on Roos' artwork of Winter themed Tsuna-chanOnly available as contest prize at Tsunacon 2011Mo...
$2.76 by tomatohead
Snow Flake Earring on Shapeways by Andrew van Ees great Jewellery for Women
$13.90 by LokiLaufeysen
made with Want to get a set? + + +
$12.86 by chase187666
Snowman earrings for the holiday season. I would love it if you share a picture of the item once you receive it in the comments!