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$12.09 by Universal_Products
This is a pre-made set of fins for use with model rockets. Requires an 18.7mm tube diameter. This fin set includes small dogtooth features and sw...
Not For Sale by Orin
Tomakatei the dragon. This is the first time I free modelled since I was 17. Why did I stop?! This reminded me why I enjoy 3D stuff.
$73.60 by schreerdesign
Show your good side with this heart pendant, borne by angel wings and crowned with a halo. There are chain loops at back of the wing tips. See our ...
$6.14 by vicjohnson
Shapeways Image Popper
Not For Sale by 3dmob
$40.00 by improbablecog
Resembling a bat or dragon, these biotech earrings are the wings of an alien exoform. This piece has been released under a Creative Commons At...
$46.22 by BFDesigns
Flight Wings with a sprocket! You'll need to purchase a few small neodymium (rare earth) magnets to stick this to your clothing, or contact me and...
$7.60 by dedeathwing
$6.65 by Keldor
Stratos' wings scaled down and modified to fit Minimates. Images are rendered with coloring only to show the potential. Actual models will be print...
$25.00 by figurebang
Show everyone your heart is a little good AND a little bad!