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$20.94 by Anigroove
Little whistle with gears on the side.
$75.06 by fprasetyo
$53.22 by MichaelMueller
„In lepus corpore transmuto“ If you are in real danger, don't play cool. Be a rabbit and run! And while running, use this whistle. It's damned...
$52.58 by MichaelMueller
A dog, man's best friend. It was a long way from the wild wolf to the pampered pet dog of these days. Remember, even your tiny terrier is a descen...
$13.00 by vertigopolka
This is your basic pea whistle, except that the "pea" is a plastic sphere.It is VERY shrill and VERY loud! Great for emergency situations, or if yo...
$10.78 by madkite
Whistle with ball inside. Simply break the ball off with a small screwdriver and blow.
$54.11 by MichaelMueller
This acorn is a whistle that can be used as a pendant. In Norse mythology, the acorn is the symbol of life, fecundity and immortality ... So, I'm...
Not For Sale by MichaelMueller
Eagle eyes see everything! Now with this whistle, you can notify people that you noticed what they are doing. "Don't throw your garbage on the grou...
$64.68 by Tibia_utricularis
$13.29 by madeonjupiter
On the surface, this may LOOK like a regular whistle... It is, however, the 'only' operational Ninja Whistle in the entire universe. When blown, t...