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$91.61 by cunicode
3D-Printed lampshade inspired by mediterranean decorative tiles. Dimensions: 100x100x95mm lampshade fitting = 30mm diameter (works nicely with IKE...
$163.30 by astonetech
$36.83 by astonetech
Lampshade Stereosphere veroni meshing.
$21.30 by MrMadGameplay
This is the Curse star wars contest winner early 2012.
$13.71 by lensman
** My Entry into the Co-Creator Contest **Breastplate armour changed over the centuries from practical life-saving neck and full-torso armour to it...
$284.47 by unellenu
Russian inspired fantasy city ; part of my concept for the @Enchanted_Doll 2011 contest to try and win a doll! View the full competition entry on y...
$438.99 by Remdir
My village made for contest, took some time.
$466.17 by Studioluminaire
long circular shaped lampshade with knuckles on the corners of the geometrical net.
$989.40 by Studioluminaire
twisted shaped lampshade with parametric holes. An E14 socket can be easy attached.
$331.78 by Studioluminaire
filigran lampshade by studioluminaire.com. Easy to attach to any socket.