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$25.02 by chosetec
One of my motivations in creating 3D printed models of real organisms was to be able to collect "specimens" without harming nature. This is one of ...
$10.10 by prfs
$3.85 by loose_cannon
Sailor Venus' heart-shaped planet symbol, now in a pendant!! Also available in a slightly large 1.25" size.
$3.16 by loose_cannon
Sailor Venus' heart-shaped planet symbol, engraved on a cute circular pendant!
$54.72 by etoya
100ml coffee cup. Not yet tested.
$47.00 by MrPumpernickel
An item which may be used in a necklace as a pendant, you only need to supply a small ring and a chain. Note, this is only for the female symbol, ...
$16.90 by FraterFL
4th Solomonic Pentacle of Venus
$111.91 by alexandrelaplante
1:1 scale replica of the famous "Venus de Willendorf" statue. Originally carved out of oolitic limestone sometime between 24,000 and 26,000 years a...
$26.99 by sorhain
Venus Inspired Star Wand Petite for cosplay and props! A paint it yourself project. Please message me for any changes or adjustments. sorhain@gmail...