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$12.16 by EricsStudio
$6.39 by friz
An isohedral D4 based on a scalene tetrahedron. The four faces are identical scalene triangles with sides 35.5 mm, 32.3 mm, 24.5 mm. Hollow pipped ...
$36.27 by EricsStudio
$24.43 by ascot13
$27.72 by ChrisArtscapes
A sword inspired by the anime bleach.
$37.03 by JewelryLab
$27.23 by piettrotuff
Ring Rail US 6 center stone 0.25 ct ring gold 18 kt weight 2.5 gr. ring gold 14 kt weight 2.0 gr.
$36.42 by tk1055
SZ 11 Rage Ring
$18.00 by 3DLudi
Me playing around with printing out space scenes in 3D. Kind of like a picture but cooler! Note: I also sell an optional easel (artwork stand) wit...
$10.61 by pruchniakm