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$54.31 by astonetech
$18.98 by shuuki
Modeled after the OM chant, this piece simulates the 120-140 Hz range of sound. The simulation came from research I did into vibration's effect o...
$27.74 by shighe
A cup with fractal (julia set) drawing for drunkard
$38.44 by Emm@nuel
$15.52 by OnXo
Double sided Ramiskal
$41.54 by fdecomite
Use it with a 7cm diameter christmas ball : like this
$4.92 by JonSteinfeld
$35.00 by im3rdo
A bracelet designed to combine my loves for 3d printing, Joy division, and diagrams. It's based on the Joy Division album cover for Unknown Pleasu...
$29.14 by ammoniteA565
$25.10 by sans_fi