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$140.98 by Jettuh
!!This is gauge 1:160!! This is the 9500 series V-IRM which has 4 coaches. please know that the models are not painted on delivery! The chassis c...
$29.18 by Jettuh
Specially made for the Lima and Rivarossi IRM train.The seats on the picture are a bit higher as the version which is for sale! :-)
$34.32 by Jettuh
This set contains the chassis for the V-IRM (1:160) in Frosted Ultra Detail. The V-IRM itself can be ordered by going to this page:V-IRM "9500" P...
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$7.80 by avarga
Looks like an 'A' from one angle and a 'V' from the other.
$27.33 by OrsonY
This is Replica Model of GulfStream V Business Class Air Plane at scale 1:700. The Gulfstream V is a business jet aircraft produced by Gulfstream ...
$11.55 by Tetriswizard96
Basically a model of the British Mark V from World War 1