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$15.48 by Roadmissile
The traditional Bomb and Bars, tweaked to print in 3d, with much love for Beemer Dan.
$10.02 by Roadmissile
A redesign of The Rolly, changes as requested by Thack.
$10.96 by Roadmissile
Basic zipper pull, text style shamelessly ripped from Rolly's amazing Strategic Error Command shirt.
$65.00 by Roadmissile
Slightly larger in diameter than a quarter and about double the thickness, this may print well in silver, less likely in plastics or stainless. I'...
$12.18 by Roadmissile
Two inch diameter version of the AZ, should print properly in all materials but a prohibitively expensive piece in anything but plastic.
$4.86 by Roadmissile
The classic Bomb & Bars, further tweaked to (hopefully) properly print in plastic.