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$13.76 by Auraramirez
$264.66 by djackson
The twist lamp was created in Grasshopper in Rhino. It is a smaller version of a paper sculpture I have been creating and showing in art shows aro...
$199.52 by newbzy
A 30cm tall lamp shade/sculpture, which forms fantastic arrays of shadows when light is passed through its unique form.
$850.00 by nervoussystem
This 7" pendant lamp is covered by ridges and valleys that transmit different amounts of light when illuminated; they furnish a striking pattern wh...
$850.00 by nervoussystem
An organic 3d-printed lamp that projects incredible shadows. It can be used as a pendant or table lamp. The seed lamp plays with reaction-diffusio...
$1,041.75 by CLERCYSOPHIE
50 ex limited edition, for each edition I change the file to change the numberThis lamp "Labyrinth" is made in 2 parts .... underneath wh...
$29.88 by p_bayer
Hinges with integrated switch for a lamp - conductive component
$53.87 by p_bayer
Hinges with integrated switch for a lamp - insulating component
$110.79 by fingerless
GFP - green fluorescent protein - is a molecule produced by some species of the jellyfish and emitts green light when exposed to UV. GFP is an indi...
$163.48 by Youknowwho4eva
For the ICFF11 contest. A lamp shade for an angled ladder style lamp. Another use I would use it for is to put over my kitchen cabnits with an LED ...