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Not For Sale by virtox
A triple gyroid sphere.3 seperate parts interlocked.Part of inside removed to save material.Currently only a single color placeholder, color upload...
$10.88 by Reed
A cube with three loops. Made in Topmod3D.
$9.42 by Reed
A cube with loops made in Topmod 3D.
$12.45 by smartmart
This ring has three instead of two openings. It is just fun to play around with it and looks stunning even just on the beside table.Please note tha...
$23.36 by vaclav.mazany
$59.00 by LucasPlus
Shield yourself from negativity with the ring that protects you from those bad vibes! Think of 3 good things that you're thankful for, and I guara...
$39.91 by WillLaPuerta
I enjoyed the results of my DNA model so much that I had to see what a triple helix would be like. The exterior base pieces fade from red at the bo...
$7.43 by wouterglorieux
$10.63 by Erkrieal
A circular version of Triple-stranded DNA model. Small and light, ideal as a pendant, Keychain or a simple decoration to put on a table or shelf.
$13.70 by Erkrieal
Mutant non-human DNA having a triplet structure. Can be used as a pendant, a keychain or just a decorative feature. Circular version of the model i...