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$7.60 by dcyale
A set of 10 trash wheeled trash bins. I have test printed it in White Strong and Flexible, but it should print in frosted detail. The walls are t...
$22.13 by SalsaDip
Miniature Trash can with lid that fits on top.
$16.13 by twisterracer
H0 1/87 4Rad-Behälter. Nominalvolumen: 1100 Liter wheeled trash can
$16.16 by twisterracer
H0 1/87 4Rad-Behälter. Nominalvolumen 1100 Liter. wheeled trash can
$20.21 by NScaleKits
N Scale 1:160 ColTainer model for use on www.nscalekits.com trash spine cars. These containers were originally used for hauling coal. In 1994 Norfo...
$14.28 by twisterracer
Doppelkammerbehälter für Weiß- und Buntglas bottle bank
$45.17 by twisterracer
Set, bestehend aus 2x 1100l Müllbehälter 1x Altglascontainer für Weiß- und Buntglas 1x Altkleidercontainer
$24.68 by Sacu
Set of extra detailed rubbish bins in 1:87 scale - H0 , if You are looking for any other scale or accesories to diorama please call me : seb.matusi...