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$9.64 by o7
Motorcycle (thumb) ring, size 20,5 mm. Feel free to contact for your size.
$9.89 by THOR
hollowed out instead of solid
$25.40 by THOR
Bigger! Hollowed Out!
$19.11 by jdbugman
this is a wheel for a robot or rc car or whatever it has a 3mm hole in the middle that can be drilled out for larger gear motors. it has a standard...
$9.00 by jdbugman
this is the smallest i can make a wheel diameter wise that will fit the micro gear motors http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/998 and it has the ...
$5.05 by jdbugman
this is a small wheel for the micro gear motors. it has a standard hub that can be used with most hubs with the 6.35mm spacing
$173.60 by Sovernigo
$17.96 by NikoZeta
Military tire for 1/24 scale truck.
$10.66 by Big_Mike
Increase your street cred with this cool looking motorcycle tire street tread ring. Available in many awesome materials including gold, silver and ...
$11.17 by PliskinAJ
1" dia tire. Designed to fit into the wheelbay model.