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$39.99 by imperator
A bust of Nikola Tesla, my favorite inventor. I have a portrait of him on my wall, and I wanted a bust for myself. I think others would like this s...
$600.00 by DavidDiamondheart
A handheld Tesla Coil based upon a design created by R. Neville Johnston. This shape is an awesome and powerful shape that can accelerate your vib...
$33.50 by cousindave76
Casing for the 2 inch Tesla TurbineNeeded to complete:1) 1x Tesla Turbine End Cap2) 1x Tesla Turbine Disks3) 2x Bearings:    &n...
$16.64 by cousindave76
End cover for Tesla Turbine Casing. See "Tesla Turbine Casing" for complete project details.
$21.31 by cousindave76
Internal disk unit for Tesla Turbine. 7 disks on shaft all-in-one part.
$17.84 by stop4stuff
Tesla Defense Tower - 1:1200 scale for Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) wargaming.This is a multipart model with the parts sprued together for ...
Not For Sale by KikuroChan
This is a collaberation of Tesla's first neon light. I found the design to be aesthetically pleasing so I decided to design it into some sort of a...
$12.29 by Gizmatomo
Inventor Nikola Tesla, while being greatly known for his work in all manner of electrical and mechanical inventions, was also very fond of pigeons....
Not For Sale by metalheadlcasher
Not For Sale by eprutzman
This is an ipod cover created in 3ds max 10