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$17.30 by comradequiche
This is a 3D model of a ruined cathedral section that I have created to use as a base for one of my flying miniatures, for a table top war game tha...
$19.73 by Lsutehall
A wargames terrain feature, this alien obelisk is 50mm square across the base, and just over 100mm tall. It is hollow with 1mm thick walls.
Not For Sale by clem
The Earth-Globe - with Bathymetric and Landsurface
$32.80 by GeoBling
Pendant shaped like Scotland including terrain data. Sized approximately 3.5cm by 2.0cm with a hook on the back to attach to necklaces. Select stai...
$41.35 by darthgus
This pack contains 20 30x30mm sci-fi floor tiles. Includes 10 Standard Tiles, 5 Pipe Tiles, 4 L Hazard Tiles, and 1 Airlock Tile.
$38.78 by darthgus
This pack contains 11 30x30mm sci-fi floor tiles, and 1 60x60mm floor tile. Includes 5 Standard Tiles, 6 Hazard Tiles, and 1 Large Airlock Tile.
Not For Sale by tedparsec
I''m preparing a set of 3d catan hexagon tiles. The whole board price will be high but not completely unreasonable for a board game fan :)Work in p...
$13.70 by KSND
Compatible with this model: http://www.shapeways.com/model/641533/mecha__hex_rubble__1_285th_.html
$6.86 by jswiggum
$66.99 by Trueborn
To scale and suitable for play with BattleTech miniatures. It is hollow, and can fit over top of 3 assault 'Mechs. Covers 3 x 5 standard hexes.